Friday, March 7, 2014

A Day of Gift(ミ・。・ミ)

I'm here again lol..
Waiting for Mr Hubby finish his work,then we will go to Kuantan my parents' home. 
Today is Mr Hubby's birthday! Oh,I feel guilty because it had been a few of his birthdays passed,& I never give him a birthday present. 
Luckily he doesn't mind about that. 
The greatest present he ever received,according to him is I always stay in happy mode. "That is a present to him". 

I'm so touched lol.. Wanna wish my hubby a Happy Blessed Birthday and hope he will have a healthy body and wealthy too..haha :P

Yester-yesterday, I received awesome Hello Kitty gift from a never met before online Hello Kitty junkie. Her name is no new in my blog here. She is Meijoyce.

I had actually even make a short video clip of the Hello Kitty stuff I received which I had posted the video in my Facebook & Instagram. I can't find the option to post it here via Blogtouch lol..

The main stuff I really want is this: 
Hello Kitty & My Melody nanoblocks.
Happy building it again...

3 packs of Hello Kitty magnets.
I like all 3 of them! Even the black colour one lol.. After this,my fridge will be full of magnets! You know what I mean..hehehe!!!

2 Hello Kitty Sweet Confectionaries Cell Phone Strap. 
Yummy-licious 😍😍

Now,i will be in headache mood because I need to think what Hello Kitty stuff for Meijoyce. Finding the ones she like quite hard. This is because she already had mostly all the cute rare Hello Kitty figurines she is collecting now. Yes,she likes to collect Hello Kitty figurines and stationeries. 

Ok,suppose this post ended here and Mr Hubby still haven't come back. 
How about a photo of Cindy to end this post??
Finally I found a cupboard for my dolls. Can keep all their clothes in the cupboard now. But I don't know this can keep how many pieces as for now,almost full! 
Next item I'm looking for my dolls will be a kitchen table..=) 

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