Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Now you can often see me updates my blog.
All because of this iPhone app: Blogtouch for blogger. Highly recommended app for you who also wish to blog not sitting in front of laptop or computer. And also easier to blog via my iPhone because all my photos are inside the camera roll. No hassle to move them to my laptop...

"Now I have a reason to buy re-ment set again..."

Yes,for my Blythe doll. Last time,when I still don't have any Blythe doll,I bought it,like, just for display.. Because it is Hello Kitty re-ment set, & I collect Hello Kitty so I bought them. 
I had 3 sets previous before I had Blythe doll,and now another new set adding in.
This is Re-Ment Hello Kitty School Life Collection set which released 23rd September last year (2013). So,lucky me still can get it. Hehehe...😁😁😁

Total of 8 blind boxes in a set. 
#1 The school bag & the shoes are to die for..😍
#2 Pencil box, donut in Hello Kitty shape,OMG!! 
The pencil box remind me of my old school days. I used before those type of pencil box but not Hello Kitty! How I wish I'm still in school now lol..

#3 Manga comic and the pudding. Is that called pudding? Anyway,they are all super cute!!!

#4 Hello Kitty shaped plastic palette,& the watercolour paints tube in the box! All so detailed..😅☺️ 

#5 Bento box,old school water tumbler & the chopsticks container.

#6 Hello Kitty scissors, face shape magnet,glue & letter set also not forgotten some origami sheets.
I had another re-ment scissors which is from the other set but that scissors is in yellow. I like this more! 

#7 Hello Kitty musical instruments and the lovely bag to keep it when going to music class...🙊🙊

#8 Hello Kitty themed hot lunch. 
The spoon!!! So kawaii right?!! 

So,now busy playing the re-ment set with my dolls..😁😅 Mr Hubby said I'm such a kid! 

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