Thursday, March 13, 2014

#prayfor MH370(ミ・。・ミ)

The missing MH370 plane made everyone in this world 
feeling so down and no mood to do anything.
Especially the family of the boarded passengers. 
But,we need to be strong. We can't just stop doing anything
or stop our daily works. Life still carry on,time still passing and
it didn't stop even when you are sad & stop doing thing.

That is part and parcel of life. Not that i don't care because i don't have any friends 
or family in the plane.My mom will be boarding MAS airplane at the 
end of this month.
 i feel sad too! i feel so anxious about the plane whereabout. 
i hope MH370 will come back soon.

Let me cheer you all a bit with my story..:)
Already share about this in my Dayre actually.
That day 8.3.14 was International Women's Day,and coincidently
i was back to my parents' home in Kuantan.
i just realized the date when i saw friends posted about it in Facebook. 
So,i had used my 2 models to capture a nice pic as a greeting pic to
post to Facebook on that day.
Ordered 2 spectacles for them from Etsy.

When i window-shopping that day,passed by
Lancome counter in Parkson,and they gifted me this perfume flower.
i like the perfume smell even though i didn't have the habit of putting 
on perfume lol.. shopping haul that day.
Mr Hubby had asked me to choose a bag that i like.
i had chose Guess.
Does that mean i will get a gift for every occasion?
If it really is,that will be GREAT!!!
I had chosen this bag because i super like bags with ruffles just like 
the 2 ruffles string.i don't know how to call that..
Also love the studs detail. That's the reason why i had chose this bag 
even it is not in pink colour.

Restocked my daily facial cleanser as it is nearly finish.

Finally i had bought this:
It is a notebook which you can write cooking recipes in it 
and also included an apron & matching oven mitts.
i had saw this sets in different designs each time when i passed by Parkson.
But didn't buy it at first because i wanna test myself can i really
resist from buying? Finally,


I had bought it,haha!!
i can now write the recipes i found online to make healthy meal but
don't know delicious or not for my lil family.

This is an old photo. Went to pedicure session last month.
Also do leg treatment.
When I posted this photo in my Instagram,
there is a girl who criticise why I go do pedicure when my legs are so ugly! 
Gosh!! From this pic,she can confirm say it out that my legs are ugly? 
And also is there any law that against girls with ugly legs from going to pedicure?? 
What makes her think that my legs are ugly? Had she seen the real me? 
I know she has the right to say whatever shit she wants ,
BUT, I had my right to go pedicure right? 
It maybe looks ugly because of the lighting problem 
when taking this photo,and also my legs are resting on the stool 
so you can see my legs are like in weird shape! 
Anyway,I had blocked her from my Instagram. 
And Fullstop. Nothing need to explain to her. 
So funky right!! I know it! Lol..
And time really flies! It is another year. 
Got to redeem my SK-II crystal points as it will expire soon. 
The points will expire every year,therefore need to redeem it every year.
This year,I redeem not as many as last year because didn't purchase much. 
I had around 5000 points only..and could redeemed 
2 Facial Treatment Repair C and a Stempower cream.
Can save a bit no need buy...hehehe 

A new iPhone 4 cover for my neglected iPhone...

And...I'm serious to say,I really am crazy lol..
Have a look at below photo and you get what I mean! 
Yesterday when I have free time,I tidy up all my iPhone cases 
and the result is: It needs 3 storage box to keep mostly of the cases
 while a few still sitting out of the storage box in the drawer. 
I think I really need to STOP buying covers anymore..
How about buying other things? I not smart! #shopaholicmode

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