Thursday, April 3, 2014

Guardian Thermometer(ミ・。・ミ)

Last Sunday, Mr Hubby brought me to Guardian to buy pimples gel. Recently, my face pops out a lot pimples and I have no idea why.. Maybe the weather is just too hot and I seldom drink water. 
Once there,I considered which brand to buy. 
Why SK-II doesn't have pimples gel?? Then,I no need think which brand to buy.

After long considering and finally get the pimples gel( I bought T3 brand) ,walk around in Guardian. When I passed by the display cupboard that kept all the thermometers and small electric appliances like hair curler, I saw something cute! It is in pink. A pink Hello Kitty thermometer. 
I actually already had a very cute a Hello Kitty thermometer which my Singaporean friend helped me bought. But this one also nice, even not nicer than the other one.
The price is reasonable. RM25.90 only.
Guardian brand.
Some description at the back of the packaging box. 
Just like those normal thermometer but it is in pink and have Hello Kitty printed on it.
So,Hello Kitty junkies in Malaysia,can hurry go grab it at your nearest Guardian outlet. 
I think I'm not too late in sharing about this or maybe some of you already know Guardian has this..hehe!!

A selfie of me to end today's post.
I know I'm sexy lol...! Haha!! 

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