Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Happy Parcel Day(ミ・。・ミ)

Nothing special happened recently. Malaysia weather is super hot now. And after such a long time didn't online shopping for my dolls, I had ordered a few clothes for them. 
3 parcels arrived at the same time. 
The above 2 dresses and a Blythe pouch is made by my online friend, Serene Cheong. 
She is a Blythe collector.
While the below handmade crochet dress, I got it from Etsy, an Australian seller.

Also not to forget,the Takara Tomy Hello Kitty figurine car. 
I personally super like this felt dress that came with a matching hat. 
Lovely floral dress.

Serene is so nice to give me this cute flower hair clip. 

I had bought a Blythe pouch too. 
So,when my doll is put in the pouch before putting into my bag,it will be safer that other thing in my bag will not spoil my doll.
There is a few design available but I had chosen this: pink and floral. I like everything pink and flowery,hehehe!! 

The crochet dress from Etsy.
I like how all the Blythe dress sew so nicely and neatly. Even it is only for a doll to wear,but all are nicely sewn.

The only car that catch my attention.
From Takara Tomy. 
The white one was released in year 2013. And the pink one is the new one released this year.
I had ordered it and arrived at the same time with other 2 parcels. 
The front of the cars. Cuteness overload!
Back of the cars. 
Love shape lights hehehe.
One side of the cars. 
Another side of the cars. The pink one so so so cute! Okay,maybe because I'm a pinkaholic. I like everything in pink colour. Therefore, whenever I buy things,I will choose pink one if there is pink colour available. 
If not,the 2nd colour will be white. 

Last photo of Annabelle.
She is wearing new clothes. This parcel just arrived yesteryerterday. Had bought 3 crocheted dress & jumper for my dolls from Etsy. Recently addicted with handmade crochet stuff haha!! The seller is from Taiwan and she is also so kind to free the crochet hat and 2 pairs of crochet socks.

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