Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Weekend(ミ・。・ミ)

Last weekend,started my new project.
This is during the process of arranging the place.

Last Saturday,my elder daughter, Daychelle had went to her friend's birthday party
at McDonald's with her sister. Can you spot them?
The one sitting in front in the middle wearing floral dress is Daychelle,
while her sister sitting beside her,wearing the red dress.
Both of them were eating ice-cream. Just realised mostly her friends are in super big size lol..
My daughters are so skinny.

My weekend also well spent with my parents visiting me.
They came with my brother and his girlfriend.
We went to window shopping and spotted cute Hello Kitty clothes,
so bought for the lil one. Unluckily,doesn't have size for her sisters.
 Anyway,they both also get new dresses.
The Hello Kitty,kind of fake right!
 But,i super like the pants!!
The belt that is included has metal kitty face.
And also the Hello Kitty heads all over the bottom part of the pants.
So cool!

CUTE?? Haha!!
She is growing way too fast :) She is now 2 years 11 months.

Finished and i personally super satisfied with the outcome.
Combined all the stuff i like,such as unicorn,rainbow,flowers
and also My Melody,except there isn't any Hello Kitty lol.
My parents saw this too and they didn't believe it was DIY by me.
Lucky i have Mr Hubby as witness. But,this is a good news,isn't it?
That means im very talented LOL..
It looks exactly like those selling online done by professional.

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