Friday, April 11, 2014

Delete Someone(ミ・。・ミ)

Today went to watch the new Hong Kong movie 'Delete My Love'. I personally think it is a very nice humour movie. 
I like watching humorous movie and horror movie too. Ah..both start with "h".

If in this world, we can have supernatural like we can delete the people whom we hate, I hope to delete someone! And I think I won't regret deleting 'her' off my life. I just wanna delete her and not replacing her with someone else. When she misunderstood me that time, I really feel sad and angry!! I dislike her earlier but still can stand her attitude. Always telling myself to be patient. But sometimes I really can't stand her! And also because of this time, she had said something NOT TRUE about me! When I confronted her about this incident, she never try to hear what I wanna say, but kept on apologizing to me. I told her that I'm not asking for a sorry, but I just wanna explain to her that she had misunderstood about me.

But again, I know her. She won't listen! She just won't listen! 

"How I wish I can really DELETE her from my life". 

Let's get back to something happy. 
Don't stay too long unhappy, it is unhealthy. 
So...yesterday, had went to Guardian because it is the last day to collect the sticker for the Aussino signature towel. Every purchase of RM20, you can get a sticker. And 20 stickers + RM29.90 can redeem an Aussino bath towel that worth RM99. If you have 40 stickers, then you just need to RM1.90 to get the towel. 

I just know about this stickers thing last month, so I just managed to collect 20++ stickers. Mr Hubby wants the towel actually because he said the towel very good quality. 
The towel comes with a very 'high class' box.

There is 3 colours available only in the Guardian outlet here. Soft pink,Tiffany blue and deep purple. For me, confirm choose soft pink but Mr Hubby said will get dirty easily because of the light colour. 

Lastly we choose deep purple. 

Because of wanna get the amount of stickers which we still lack of, I had bought 3 items. Still have sheep placenta but no wrong in buying again right? Keep stock lol.. 
Recently a lot of pimples pop out from my face :( I care so much about my face. 
Feel ugly,so I need to buy bb cream as concealer in this time when there is a lot of pimples. Why again SK-II doesn't have bb cream?? Last time I was saying SK-II doesn't have pimple gel...:((

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