Saturday, April 19, 2014

Another round of gift(ミ・。・ミ)

Last week,received this parcel from Meijoyce
Happy to the max again. i asked Meijoyce to help me get this 
Xoxo Hello Kitty Baking Fun Set once i saw she had a set. Love at first sight lol.
Lucky her USA friend had extra set and sell it to me.

"Want some cupcakes? I just bought them."

The cupcakes are part of the Xoxo Hello Kitty Baking set all the way from USA.
Btw,my Cindy is so cute!!

A sweet note from Joy,the seller.

So,this baking fun set consists of 37 pieces. Kind of like re-ment.
Very tiny & cute!

Mixer,pie pan,rolling pin,oven mit,mixing bowl and cookie jar & lid.
i super like the mixer because it made like Hello Kitty ears and bow.
Actually i bought this set is because of this cute mixer.
That's what caught my attention.

4 eggs,1 carton,measuring cup,pie crust bottom,sugar jar & lid,
pie filling,cookie sheet,cookie cutter,cookie and cookie dough.
The eggs carton can close just like the real one,hehe..

Cupcake pan,pie crust,4 cute cupcakes,cake & cake slice,cake plate
and top.

All so cute because they are Hello Kitty themed. Meijoyce sent this to me once she received 
from her USA friend. This darling of me is so nice! She sent me another some gift
for me,last time i still haven't gift return back to her and now i owe her lol...
Why am i so lucky one have such amazing friend surrounding me.

All fromSanrio outlet Isetan. There is Hello Kitty trinket box,jelly belly candies
and a lovely Hello Kitty Japanimation mechanical pencil.

i love the Japanimation Hello Kitty so much,still haven't get a plushie of it yet :(

She always include sweet note to me.

10 flavours of the jelly belly candies. It is yummy(already eaten all shared 
among my daughters) Tell you a secret,i never eat before this haha!!
This is my 1st time lol..

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