Monday, July 19, 2010


Actually i do not have moody today.Very moody...=PhotobucketPhotobucket
But,i don't want to think about it...It keeps flooding back to my mind.So,i will try make myself busy.So,i Photobucket.Blogging is good.i can share with you about my cutie Photobucket stuff.
Today i will share about the Photobucket stuff i grabbed at Hong Kong.Beside Photobucket re-ment,i grabbed another 3 Photobucket stuff at Hong Kong tooPhotobucket

This is my most favourite among all those kitties.
It is a handphone charm.
i once saw Photobucketin kimono before.It is hanging in a girl's handphone that i saw on ECM,Kuantan.
i asked the location to get this.But,arrogantly,she answered,"Oh,you can't get this here in Malaysia.It is from Japan." Oh,i hate arrogant people especially GIRL.
Hey,you.i can find this in Hong Kong.PhotobucketPhotobucket
i chose the one holding a drum.Looks cutie!

This,Photobucket chopsticks.
Suitable for those starter using chopsticks.Those who want to learn to use chopsticks.Especially for lil' kids.How i wish to be a lil' kid...

i like the Photobucket figurine on the top of the chopsticks.
If the chopsticks is in pink,how good!

Hey,i already had 2 Photobucket scissors.And this will be the third.
But,i can't resist it.The story likes this,i first saw the handphone charm in one shop at The Peak Gallery.Selling all original Sanrio products.Then,fatty hubby took this cutie pinky Photobucketscissors for me to have a look.Thx,fatty hubby.MuackkkssssssPhotobucket
He is really supportive towards me.He never says NO(but sometimes he WILL if the price crazily high).

Close shotPhotobucket i like her ribbonPhotobucket
i really like to collect stationery stuff ranging from calculators to pens.
Calculator??i already had 5,or 6 different designsPhotobucket.i also do not remember.

Okay,i really felt better after sharing kitties here.And i also hope people who often read my blog felt happy too.Or if you have ever met any cutie kitties,must share with me,where to get it and most important,how much,??i also have to budget budget oO..

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