Tuesday, July 20, 2010

watsons kitty

Actually i was just after some meeting with suppliers' salesmen.Therefore,good news to Photobucketjunkies too.Will be new stocks coming this few days.Stay tunedPhotobucket

i got this from Watsons,but not Watsons Malaysia.Watsons China.
Why Watsons here do not sell cutie cutie stuff like thisPhotobucketPhotobucket
Because they thought Malaysia don't like cutie piePhotobucketPhotobucket
You know what,the Watsons there selling various cartoon kinds of toiletry
travelling set like this.

It is actually Photobuckettoiletry travelling set which consists of
a shampoo and shower gel.It came with a travelling transparent bag.
Which the handle is a ribbon.i like ribbon...

Close shotPhotobucket
The transparent bag has printed with Photobucket and some roses surrounding it.
Simple nice,okPhotobucketPhotobucket
With this Photobucket,bathing timePhotobucket will be fun fun & FUN

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