Friday, July 23, 2010


Just wake up from my zzPhotobucketzz.My hubby not allow me to even open my laptop.i felt not so well,and also sleepy.Therefore,he forced me to take a nap first.
My facebook status for today,"dislike arrogant people who likes showing off..." Photobucketmake it shortPhotobucket i didn't even say my collections are all authentic kitties stuff.If i had stated there authentic whereas they aren't,you can call me a liar.It is up to me whether to collect authentic or non-authentic.i know 'you' are rich,that's your business.Just mind your own business!Talking rubbish to me...That's why i think of sharing this with you.

A multi-purpose container or you can called it dustbin like.
Can use to store rubbish,if you want!

School Days image.Cutie pie...
This is also coming soon stuff this August.Therefore,kitty junkies out there,you can have it too.Don't worry
One of the main main reason why i wanna sell stuff is that i hope every kitty fans or junkies or lovers or whatever words that you can think of using to describe,can have stuff too...Photobucket
Uhuh...i thought of something.Maybe she jealous i am surrounded by lotsa stuff.
Some people really act like that.When they jealous,they will say or comment something that hurt you.To make them feel better
Hahahah...she doesn't know me well.When i had shared everything out,i will forgot what had happened.

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