Sunday, July 18, 2010


Morning to all.i am back to the world of blogging.Will almost Photobucket everyday now as i am free to do like that.But,when the Photobucket stocks arrive,i will be busy crazilyPhotobucket.About my trip to Hong Kong,my main main purpose i chose to go there is because i wanna buy
Photobucket re-mentPhotobucket.Abby dear once told me before Hong Kong selling lots of Re-Ment.i think i have the chance to be there,so why not buy there.Will be cheaper geh...!

This is my Photobucketst set of Photobucket Re-Ment.
i had searched a few shops there,and most of them sell lots of re-ment but not Photobucket.
At first,i felt disappointedPhotobucket.
Time is running fast and we had to went back to Guangzhou.
i asked my hubby's bro to wait me,i wanna search for the last shop.
With a sad-dy face,i went into the shop.i walked,walked and walked till the end of the shop.
And to my own surprise,i saw something kitty-yy.
It had the only 1 design.i am satisfied as long as there is Photobucket Re-Ment.

The packaging box that written with mostly Japanese words.
And 1 more question,why it wrote there FOR SALE IN JAPAN ONLY,whereas i can bought it in Hong Kong??==

The packaging box can be made into a cardboard miniature kitchen part.
Piccy set of 8 Photobucket Re-Ment below.Have a look!

Damn like all the set of 8.So cutie cute....Every kitchenware is in miniature size.i want to collect the stationery Re-Ment next time.Actually i wanted to find the stationery Re-Ment first,but unluckily,no stock jor....Photobucket
But,i already felt grateful as i already had my own.Photobucket

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