Saturday, July 3, 2010


Yesterday,my beloved sister came back at about 4 something.Of course she is my beloved sister.As she bought me Photobucketname cards holderPhotobucket.She will buy me anything Photobucket theme whenever she goes travellingPhotobucket.i had Photobucketsnap snap piccy to share with all of you.
Align CenterDamn kawaii in pinkie.As usual,i will say,my fave colour.
Never change,ok??
i had always wanted a name cards holder which is Photobucketproduct.i need it badly as i am a Photobucketadd yourself PhotobucketpretendPhotobucketPhotobucketbusinesswoman,who will get many name cards from suppliers or salesmen.But,i can't find one which attracted me.

This is the back of the name cards holder.
The pinkie is in a special fading system slowly from below to top.

My old but it is PhotobucketPhotobucketcoz i haven't started using itPhotobucket Photobucket meow name cards holder.
Now i already had ,then this.....i put back 'FOR SALE' at my shop.

It is actually can be said a Photobucket set with a notebookPhotobucket.
The same theme, meow.
Lately,i also don't know why i am starting to have an interestPhotobucket in meow.
When i was a kid,i dislike meow.Except Photobucket.As she isn't real cat.PhotobucketThat's my opinionPhotobucket
But not now.Maybe because of minor hormonal changes.PhotobucketHaha~~

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