Thursday, July 1, 2010

boring day,snap snap snap!!!

Tomorrow my sis will be back.Hooray!i am so happy.i need not at .i am free again.
During the last 2 days at ,i had done a few things to avoid meeting Mr. Bored.i read books,magazines and playing .And even snap snap snap myself.After a few attempt,only these 2 piccy i think is nice.i am such a perfectionism(sometimes only).

Please don't misunderstood that i edited my face.Strictly no editing facial parts or any related parts.Just edit the brightness and colour of the piccy.And also add some cutie icons/animations in it.
i am so happy as 1 of my newly added friend in facebook thought i am Japanese.She complimented my works in editing my piccy.Super kawaii is the word she used.

See?My eyes are so small,right??i wish i have bigger eyes like those Korean,but i don't have...Huhu~~
Anyway,i am actually satisfied with my now 'situation'.i mean my looking now,which isn't that ugly...!
But can i still have this look even when i reach 30?40?or even 50? =='''

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