Saturday, July 17, 2010

kitties back to malaysia...

i miss all of you.i miss my country.Malaysia is still the best in my heart..i am back to Malaysia,but piccy below was taken at Guangzhou China.

i was wearing Photobucketcollar T-shirt.
Actually,this T-shirt will be our bubbles uniform.
But,whoever interested,you can purchase it too.
Sure bubbles got sell.

And i am super duper happy,(but aren't i am happy all the time??!)We have to be happy as if you are sad,kitty will angry.And you still have to continue your life too.So,why not live happily..?Ok,back to my story.i got a lot of Photobucketstuff....That's what made me happy.
And the above piccy is Photobucketbag.

Bubbles got sell.There is 2 colours available for this Photobucketbag.
But,be patient oO.All the stocks are estimated to arrive to Malaysia in August.
Don't go buy from others oO,my loyal customers...hihi^^
1 secret to share here.When i reach the suppliers there,i noticed there is not much stuff there.i felt weird as normally there are many selling products.i asked one of the supplier there and she told me that many selling fake products had been caught.Therefore,only the suppliers who got Sanrio Licensed is eligible to sell them.Even China there also caught fake stuff.So,this trip,i had bought (can say) many original stuff but don't worry,all are in reasonable price.
Photobucketi wanna continue uploading piccy i had taken from our trip to China & Hong Kong to facebook.So,my friends,you can have a look!!By the way,i had changed hairstyle.Curly hair is back to me...!

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