Thursday, September 30, 2010


Recently i felt so tired,energylessPhotobucketPhotobucket
Maybe because of lack of soundful sleep!
PhotobucketPhotobucketMr hubby is so caringPhotobucket Photobucket PhotobucketHe knew i am feeling quite unwell,
so he had done all the tidying new stocks' work all by himself.
And also a little help from my sister.
At this time,i can be lazying at the cashier placePhotobucket
Actually i am wondering,is this a symptom of pregnantPhotobucketPhotobucket?
O,no no no.Don't congrate me first.As i am not sure yet.
But,if confirm is PhotobucketPhotobucket,i will inform all of you.
i still collect PhotobucketPhotobucket stuff if i really is a preggyPhotobucketPhotobucketmummy.
So,you still can often drop by my blog to
check for the latest stuffPhotobucket

For today's dessert,we have PhotobucketPhotobucket stick-it memo pad.
i took all 3 available designs as collectionsPhotobucket
How cute & adorable are they!
Especially the one with the Photobucket eyesPhotobucket
My customers mostly purchased the 3 of them altogether.
As the price isn't expensive at all,with selling price PhotobucketRM 2.90Photobucket each.
Everyone is affordable.
That's all for today.Hope you enjoy!
i want to continue playing Farm Frenzy in my PhotobucketPhotobucket

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