Saturday, February 12, 2011


Oh. . .Photobucket i had waited these for quite a long time to
reach by my side.i asked the help of Mr Hubby's Photobucketcousin
who worked at Singapore to help me buyPhotobucketPhotobucketthese.
So,she is back on Chinese New Year.Therefore i got 
thesePhotobucket during Chinese New Year. 
Let me introduce about this set of 8  PhotobucketPhotobucketfigurinePhotobucket

This  PhotobucketPhotobucketHello Kitty At Work SeriesPhotobucket are distributed by 
7-Eleven Singapore.Noted again,Singapore.
Why the 7-Eleven here not distribute any cuties Photobucketcharm just like thisPhotobucket
i am surely will go grab them and i am confirm
not only me,all the Photobuckethello kitty junkies in 
Malaysia will do that too!

So,there are the  PhotobucketPhotobucketHello Kitty At Work Series Cook,
Designer,Ice-CreamPhotobucketVen Photobucket Veterinarian
Photobucketstarting from the leftPhotobucket

While the other 4 are PhotobucketPhotobucketHello Kitty At Work Series 
ArtistPhotobucket,Gymnast,Dancer Photobucket FloristPhotobucket
The specialPhotobucketfeature about this figurine is 
'Can you see the button on its body?'
There is PhotobucketstarPhotobucket shape,Photobucket shape and round shape.
The button can be pressed to change the expression
of its face.There are 3 expression altogether.
How cutePhotobucket

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