Sunday, February 6, 2011


School holiday going to end soon.
And i have to start waking up early tomorrow.
Mr Hubby is really a good husbandPhotobucketPhotobucket
He asked me to sleepPhotobucket more
as he can fetch daughter to school.i am also a good wifePhotobucketPhotobucket
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 
i want to wake up early,because
 want to accompany himPhotobucketPhotobucketSo,he won't feel bored 
on the short PhotobucketPhotobucketjourney.HehePhotobucketPhotobucket

My sweet home now has 2 PhotobucketPhotobuckettelephone.
Both are Photobuckethello kittyPhotobucket too.
The abovePhotobucket picture is the new one.
It is really mini in size even though full body.

Here is the keypad~
Only 1 weakness for this PhotobucketPhotobucket
Too slow for the sound.It is quite hard to listen to the other
caller's voice.Photobucket also you need to kind of shout out
when you are speaking to the other caller.Oh...
Normally if i wanna chat long with friends and relatives,
i will use the other PhotobucketPhotobucket.This is for short answering.
PhotobucketDecoration purpose too!!Photobucket

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