Tuesday, February 15, 2011

cutie cutes✿◕‿◕✿

Valentine'sPhotobucketpresent for Mr Hubby is a branded watch.
i can't afford buying expensive things for him.
Luckily,Mr Hubby so in lovePhotobucket with the watch.
While i get a white gold braceletPhotobucket from Mr Hubby.
He brought me to Lazo Diamond and let me choose
myselfPhotobucket  He even said prices isn't a matter,
the most important is i must choose the one
i like the most.Whoa~So sweetPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
How about youPhotobucket What you get for Valentine's DayPhotobucket
And what you give for your other halfPhotobucket
Share with me,okayPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

i likePhotobucket white gold and diamondPhotobucket too.
Not only PhotobucketPhotobuckethello kitty~
And i like buying at Lazo Diamond Photobuckets.
Their workers' service.Thumbs up up for themPhotobucket

Last post i forgot to share about this.
Suppose to share it together. As these 
also PhotobucketPhotobucketfigurines.Also 8 in a set.

i have something for calculator too.
i had about 4-5 calculators.
This is the latest Photobucket.i like the loveyPhotobucketribbon on top.
And also all the numbers button which are PhotobucketPhotobuckethead shape.

And again i am so so so happy.This coming Thursday,
i can get my new PhotobucketIphone 4.At last. . .
i struggled for so many days.i can't wait till that day.
Thanks Mr Hubby for all the presents for this new Photobucket year.
i really appreciate all of them.
And also YOUPhotobucket
i knew you want me to be happy always all the time.
Really thanks for your effort.
Happy and contented being with you. . .PhotobucketPhotobucket

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