Thursday, February 10, 2011


Today,i wanna share about my lovePhotobucketstory with PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketMr Hubby.
This is a post for me to enter the contest held by my beloved friend,
PhotobucketglazsliperPhotobucketAnd this is the link to her entry about the giveawayPhotobucket
i got this contest info from PhotobucketglazsliperPhotobucket too.
i hope to win because i want the PhotobucketPhotobucketprize badlyPhotobucket
So,in myPhotobucket humble opinion,i think the story should be about
Valentines Day celebration between loved onesPhotobucket
Hmm...PhotobucketWe don't have any special celebration 
like most of the young couples.We were PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketmarried
with 2 kids and coming soon another one.
But,my most unforgetful PhotobucketValentinesPhotobucket day is last last year.
Mr Hubby really made a surprise for me.
He had asked my sister at Kuantan at that time to help him 
buy the Osim humidifier which is in my wishlist.
i saw this Osim humidifier during my shopping trip at ECM.Wanted to buy 
but no at last as quite pricey.
Sister very co-operate with him.Even my mummy and daddy.
They all helped him keeping this as a secret.
On 14th February 2009,i received this parcel from Mr Postman
and without any name at the parcel.Therefore,i had no idea
who is the sender.Just wrote,Secret Admirer Photobucket
PhotobucketLastly i knew the idea to write Secret Admirer was from my brotherPhotobucket
But once i opened the parcel,i saw the Osim humidifier,
i knew it must from Mr Hubby.i was so PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobuckettouched at that time.
He never did anything like this before.He never made surprises.
PhotobucketThe End.
Okay,my story really short.But,i just wish to get the prizePhotobucket
As i damn crazy with Photobuckethello kitty too.

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