Monday, February 7, 2011


PhotobucketMorning my friendsPhotobucket
How are you today? i am super finePhotobucket
Now only i realised after sticking the fake Photobuckets to my Photobucketnails,
it is a bit difficult to type.Never mindPhotobucket because i want to look
pretty mummyPhotobucketPhotobucket~


PhotobucketPhotobucketelectronic digital scale.
You need this when you want to check your body mass.
i already had the PhotobucketPhotobucketmini scale,but no wrong to keep 
another as collectionPhotobucketThis one costs RM99.90
which is expensive than the PhotobucketPhotobucketmini scale.
Both also can get from my Photobucket,bubbles

The box that used to keep the PhotobucketPhotobucketscale is also 
nicely designed.
So,i am using this to keep track of my own body mass.
i am now 5 months PhotobucketPhotobucketpregnant weigh 50kg.
There is improvement actually.Last time when i PhotobucketPhotobucketpregnant
the 1st and 2nd,near 9 months i weigh only 50kgPhotobucket

That's for today.Gotta stopPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

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