Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Valentine's Day is near.How you and your other half
going to PhotobucketcelebratePhotobucketPhotobucket
Dining at a luxury restaurantPhotobucket Or have a Photobucketnight walkPhotobucket
by the sea sidePhotobucket
Or showering your other half with lots of  PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
Or showering with PhotobucketPhotobucketgiftsPhotobucket
i have a surprise PhotobucketgiftPhotobucket for Mr Hubby Photobucket
i am going to buy a new branded watch for him.His already spoilt
a few days ago.But,you are going to help me keep this a secret.
i wanna give him a surprise,therefore he doesn't know about this. . .
While he,i have no idea what he will be giving me this year.
PhotobucketSurprise surprisePhotobucket 

That day when i share about my PhotobucketPhotobucketcar accessories,
i had totally forgotten about this,PhotobucketPhotobucketnon-slip mat.
Just now when i was searching the pictures in the folder
 to upload here,i noticed this picture.Then,aiya. . . 
that day forgot ady hor. . .

So,make the story short, i put this in my cutie PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketcar.
To put the PhotobucketPhotobucketsolar toy on it.

The 2nd item i wanna share with you is DIY PhotobucketPhotobucketgift box.
When you want to present someone but you don't like to wrap
with wrappers,then you can put the gift into this PhotobucketPhotobucketgift box.
PhotobucketEasy and convenientPhotobucket

Side view.
Looks like some take away box to keep

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