Saturday, April 2, 2011


Last Saturday was my sister, akira's  holiday.
She went to KL with her friendsPhotobucketPhotobucket
And the story is like this,everytime during her
holiday,she will surely buy me something 
PhotobucketHELLO KITTYPhotobucket

And this time,she bought me a PhotobucketPhotobucketbrushPhotobucketPhotobucket
It is a mini brush.
PhotobucketPhotobucket is sleeping with polkadot pinky blanket.
Do you notice there is a faux diamond on its Photobucketribbon?

What for? i think,in my humble opinion,
 can use it to 
brush clothesPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketor shoesPhotobucket

i got myself a new PhotobucketPhotobucketIphone pouchPhotobucket
Actually it suits other handphone models too.

Do you notice the abovePhotobucketPhotobucket picture familiar 
with the PhotobucketPhotobucketIphone pouch?
This is PhotobucketPhotobucketpassport cover.
To replace my already old PhotobucketPhotobucketpassport cover.

That's all for today's sharing PhotobucketPhotobucket

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