Monday, April 18, 2011

mad barbarians✿◕‿◕✿

My currently location is in Kuantan.
My parent's home.
Tomorrow as usual,monthly pregnancy check-up.
And after that planning to go buy my daily skincare products.
i mentioned before about this.

i am now blogging very freely while Mr Hubby and
both precious daughters are watching Legend of the Guardians.
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After quite a few hours only continue writing this post.
As in the midst of blogging,something bad happened.
i had quite a big quarrel with my brother.
My parents cast him out of the house.
Let's not talk about him.

Mad barbarians hello kitty keychains set.

There are altogether 5 of them.
Mad barbarians,with all the make ups on 
hello kitty's face.
Cards included.

Sorry for the short post.As i really do not have the mood
to story here...Bye!

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