Saturday, April 23, 2011

sewing kit✿◕‿◕✿

i am now in my 34 weeks of pregnancyPhotobucketPhotobucket
6 more weeks to go.
Photobucket's PhotobucketPhotobucketessentials almost completePhotobucket
Everything is already prepared waiting for
my little cutiePhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketcomes to this world. 

For now,i can still shopping for PhotobucketPhotobucketessentials.
Just got my recently purchased from ebay.
Sanrio I Love PhotobucketHello Kitty mini PhotobucketPhotobucketsewing kit
die-cut case.

PhotobucketPhotobucketi seldom sew.But sometimes really need sewingPhotobucketPhotobucketkit.
The miniPhotobucketscissors is cute in pink.The sewingPhotobucketPhotobucketkit contains
Photobucketyarn in 5 colours,
Photobucketneedle threader,
Photobucketmaking pinPhotobucket,
Photobucket Photobucketsafety pinPhotobucket in a die-cut case.

i am proud of the maker of this sewingPhotobucketPhotobucketkit
as at first,i couldn't find the needle.
Apparently,the needles are hidden in the 
yarn holder.You can see in picturePhotobucket
bottom right side.
By keeping the needles in there,
it is a lot safer.Photobucket also easier to find.

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