Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Iphone jacket✿◕‿◕✿

Super goodPhotobucketmorning everyonePhotobucket
So,today let's see our menu.
We have
PhotobucketSanrio PhotobucketHello Kitty iJacket Screen Protecting Sticker for PhotobucketIphone 4
PhotobucketHello Kitty PhotobucketIphone 4 back cover
PhotobucketHello Kitty in furry panda suit plush
PhotobucketHello Kitty DIY earphone

Sanrio Hello Kitty iJacket Screen Protecting Sticker for Photobucket
i ordered from the famous PhotobucketStrapya WorldPhotobucket
A Japanese website.
The price of its selling items are all damn expensive.
But,i had made deal with them a few time.
Because of the word 'cute'.Worth itPhotobucketPhotobucket

After sticked it to my lovely cutie Photobucket
And also put on a PhotobucketPhotobucketback cover.
The back cover i most recommended as it covered
all the side part of the Photobucket
till the front.
Therefore,my Photobucket is fully in pinkPhotobucket
And also changing to this cover,i can use 
the  PhotobucketPhotobucketface shape pouch.

The  PhotobucketPhotobucketback cover is of rubber material.
i am not that like the picture of  PhotobucketPhotobucketkitty.Not cute enough.
i am still finding another  PhotobucketPhotobucketback cover which is cuter for my Photobucket
But,i want the same like this,covering the whole Photobucket

i bought thisPhotobucket  PhotobucketPhotobucketin furry panda suit plush
as my Photobucket charm.But,too big.
It looks weird so i just hang this on
my  PhotobucketPhotobucketshoulder bagPhotobucket
Bought this from a Singaporean,selling her
extra  PhotobucketPhotobucketstuff.

The last picture is a DIY  PhotobucketPhotobucketearphone by myself.
This is a combination of 2  PhotobucketPhotobucketearphone.
Both  PhotobucketPhotobucketearphone you can purchase from
my blogPhotobucket, bubbles Photobucket
Just Photobucket into my blogPhotobucket and have a look
and you will understand how i combine both the  PhotobucketPhotobucketearphone.
Whoa~wow,i think i am over last month.ShoppingPhotobucketPhotobucketover Photobucket Photobucket

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