Thursday, April 21, 2011

H & M✿◕‿◕✿

Yesterday while i was preparing to blog here,
suddenly i received smsPhotobucketPhotobucketfrom Mr Hubby's aunt,
asking us to go to the Photobuckethospital immediatelyPhotobucket
Mr Hubby's brother's Photobucketson was admitted to the Photobucket
because of seizurePhotobucket
The same incident that happened to my elder 
daughter 7 years agoPhotobucket

God Photobucketbless himPhotobucketHe is better todayPhotobucket
PhotobucketBut still can't discharge from the Photobucket

This was supposed to post at here yesterdayPhotobucket
i actually already bought this from a Singaporean
PhotobucketKitty KawaiPhotobucket
a few weeks agoPhotobucket
And now it is its turn to be on the stagePhotobucket

This is H Photobucket M hairbrushPhotobucket
Which i had long time searching everywhere 
for itPhotobucketi once saw this hairbrush in
a Singaporean facebook profilePhotobucket
i think i got ask about the location selling this,
but she already forgotten where she bought thisPhotobucket
Feeling quite disappointed at first,
but then i accidentally saw it in this another Singaporean
facebook photo album selling H Photobucket M products
which has this hairbrushPhotobucket

Photobucket the 3D Photobuckethello kitty on the hairbrush so muchPhotobucket

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