Tuesday, April 26, 2011

sad mode

Today my post will be about my mood.
Quite sadPhotobucket and feeling betrayedPhotobucket Photobucket
Nowadays human beings are really getting crazier.
Maybe because of human beings' behaviour 
is getting hard to accept,that's why there are 
many catastrophe.

i swear i didn't do any harmful thing.
Suddenly all the offense and fault 
are all on me! The worst part is even saying 
i act innocent.i am a Christian.
My religion teach me not only not to do
but also not to THINK any bad,immoral action.
Even thinking is not allowed.

i don't want to quarrel.i dislike war like.
That's why i chose to silent myself.But that doesn't mean
i admit that is my fault. 
Even if i get to win in a quarrelling,what prize can i getPhotobucket
But again,we can't control people's
action and words towards us.
That's their mouth,and they have the right to say whatever
they wish to say.
Therefore,i will let it be past.
PhotobucketPhotobucketMr Hubby said i still have Photobuckethim,Photobucketmy precious PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketdaughters,
Photobucketcoming soon PhotobucketPhotobucket,Photobucketmy family,Photobucketmy family-in-law 
and also Photobucketmy lovely friends.Supporting mePhotobucket

i know this sadPhotobucketmode won't on for a long time.
As i myself can get on quite fast.
Sorry for today's dull postPhotobucket
After splitPhotobucketit out,i feel betterPhotobucket

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