Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kittylicious Iphone✿◕‿◕✿

As promised,my next post will be
about my lucky Iphone.

This is my Iphone theme.
So pinky and kittylicious,isn't it.
As those themes provided at Cydia which
you all can download is really not cute,
not enough pink and not kittylicious,
therefore,i had explored myself the ways
to make and modify the theme.

1st pic:Statusbar:kitty carrier icon,pink battery icon,kitty 3G icon,I ♥ kitty as carrier name,pink love battery percentage (Can you see i ♥ hello kitty 100%)
Hello Kitty & Pink Bow page indicator,pink love icon set,hello kitty weather icon
 and hello kitty pink leopard wallpaper.

2nd pic:Hello Kitty Dialer with words.

3rd pic:Fully in pink navigation bar & background.

4th pic:Peek-a-boo Hello Kitty keyboard,Hello Kitty upload photo icon in sms,Kitty cupcake sms background & sms bubbles box

You want to download the themes?
1st,your Iphone need to be jailbroken.

2nd,you can download some of the stuff,like icons set 
weather icons set,badges,carrier icon and etc at

3rd,you need to download Diskaid

4th,the theme or whatever stuff you download from both 
recommended website,you need to extract the file first.

5th,after extract,open Diskaid and connect your 
Iphone.Then click Root/Library/Themes/
and then click copy to device.
Click folder.And then browse for 
your downloaded and already extracted folder
and click it to sync it to your Iphone.
Enjoy your themes!
But,if some of the things you download 
not working,please don't ask me.i also 
have no idea why it don't work.
Maybe because of Iphone version not the same.
And also some like,the pink navigation bar
modify by myself...So,not included in those theme you download. :P

Pink bling leopard skin notification centre.
i actually update my Iphone to IOS 5 that day
and jailbreak it myself.So success! What a genius ~.~

Pink facebook Iphone apps..
i hope facebook will change the blue colour to pink

My Iphone twitter theme...^^♥

All in pink! i ♥ it!!!
Green whatsapp you are using??
Haha...mine is pink too!! 
i am a real pinkaholic ^^♥

Gotta go continue my DIY job
making something for my daughters' room.

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