Friday, March 23, 2012

i ♥ McDonald's✿◕‿◕✿

Hi,i am here again. These few days i am super
dilligent in updating my bloggie.
Tonight,i will be sharing about 
Hello Kitties from McDonald's.
This is last year(2011) McDonald's China Christmas Kitty figurine
Released by McD China.
There is (from left)
♬christmas kitty santa
♩christmas kitty tree
♬christmas kitty snowman
♩christmas kitty snowflake
Among all 4,i ♥ the purple(christmas kitty snowman).
While this is McDonald's Hello Kitty Winter 2011 Holiday Set.
i am not sure whether it is released by US McD
or Singapore McD.Some of my friends said this is from US,
while another some said it is from Singapore.
Maybe both country selling them.
i got these from a supplier.
Top from left:
★Snow Tubing Hello Kitty
☆Snow Hello Kitty
★Holiday Fun Hello Kitty
☆Hello Kitty Calendar

Below from left:
★Winter Hello Kitty
☆Snow Boarding Hello Kitty
★Ice Skating Hello Kitty
☆Hello Kitty Sleigh Ride

The 8 of them have special function.
Let's have a look at each of them.
Snow Tubing Hello Kitty.
There is wheels below the kitty.You can move
the kitty.

Snow Hello Kitty.
This do not have any function,just consists of some 
kitty stickers at the back that you can use it.

Holiday Fun Hello Kitty.
This is the one i most like.
You can twist the back of the kitty head
and the hula hoop will spin.
How cute!!
The picture above is when the hula hoop spinning,
and i took the picture.

Hello Kitty Calendar.
Which you can set the date and month.

Winter Hello Kitty.
Nothing special...just the pink and pastel blue at lower part
can be taken out.It is a bangle.

Snow Boarding Hello Kitty.
When you move the kitty,
her head will like 'boink boink'

 Ice Skating Hello Kitty.
This is also cute.As there is nothing holding the kitty,but
she can stand firmly.i think there is magnet at the top and its head.

 Hello Kitty Sleigh Ride.
When you move it,kitty head will turn left and right.

That's the 8 of them.
i am very happy that i managed to collect 
McDonald's X Hello Kitty toys from other countries.
And i wish to collect more! Hopefully i can.
Thanks to Mr Hubby who always support me.
Gotta stop now.Tomorrow see you again! Nite Nite!

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