Wednesday, March 7, 2012


i am now giving my little boss,Justina a noon nap.
She is in her hammock while i typing the laptop's keyboard 
as fast as i can to update my bloggie!

She is now 9 months old.What a big boss look...>.<
Still,not a tooth comes out yet.
Just a little tiny white spot spotted.

This 3 Hello Kitty T-shirts are from my only sister
to her 3 nieces. Cute right?
i have also bought this at a local shop for my little Justina.
It is Hello Kitty cloth basket.
i use this to put Justina's clothes when we
back to Kuantan,my parents' home.
New Hello Kitty toothbrush holder to replace
the old ones.And this is of course cuter!!
Another item for my lucky Iphone.
Hello Kitty solar charge eco,which uses
sunlight to charge your iphone battery or
can also use the normal charger to charge this first
before charging your Iphone when you are outdoor.
Convenient stuff and must haves for all Iphone users who is also 
Hello Kitty fanatic like me!
My Justina haven't sleep...~.~'''
She is playing inside the hammock.
Gotta sing her some lullaby...

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