Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mrskitty Yi's Iphone✿◕‿◕✿

i am very lucky to have a great Mr Hubby
helping me with some of my household chores.
My only sister who also helping me with another some
of my household chores and my online business.
Therefore,i can steal a little bit time to update 
a new post about my Iphone.

This is NOT my latest Iphone look.
It is a front sticker and back cover set.
Whee...Sweet sweet in pink colour!
i like everything in pink!
Hello Kitty riding on an airplane plugy for my Iphone.
Story about my collections of hello kitty plugy.
Let's have a look of a few new plugy of mine.

Hello Kitty X Nojomi Tsuji plugy.

This plugy among all those is my favourite!
i like kimono and all about Japan.
Isn't she cute,holding the umbrella,a tiny lil figure?

My another Hello Kitty 3D Iphone silicone casing.

And this,Hello Kitty Plushie Iphone cover.
The one that catches most attention when you are using it.
It is like you are bringing a plushie like those little gals
hugging their teddy bears.Hehehe...! So childish of me,
a mom of 3 kids,still using this plush cover.

So,for my below sharing is all about Iphone theme.
Please take note,your Iphone need to be jailbroken if you would like
to have the same thing like mine.
 i am currently using this theme.The HTC weather and time widget
in left side picture,you can download from
There is quite a lot of stuff that can be downloaded there but unfortunately,
all in Chinese.i can't read Chinese too even though i am a Chinese,because 
i studied at English primary school.
So,everything also by guessing and clicking everything to see what is it.
The other picture,you can get the clock widget image from
Princess Panya,my new friend!
She is so friendly and kind to share with me.
So,you can refer to her bloggie for further details about how to set the clock.

Okay,below left side picture is my new closer button.
Hello Kitty wearing sunglasses.
While the right side picture is the pink bow closer button in the part when
we double click the home button.
Above left side picture is the X button which is now a hello kitty in
a pink heart.And right side picture,my new Hello Kitty sunglasses slider.
So,if you want the slider and also the kitty closer button, you know why i am always looking at my Iphone.

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