Tuesday, March 20, 2012

kitty instax✿◕‿◕✿

Hello all my lovely friends.
Sorry for the delay of updating my blog.
My lil baby J is very naughty recently.
i need to 'entertain' her until i do not have my own private time
to drop by here. :(
i am really really afraid to babysit little baby.
Frankly speaking,i am not that fond to little baby.
My 2 elder daughters was babysitted by my mom
till they reach 4 years old,then only
back to my side.Therefore,i really not very expert in caring
and babysitting a little baby.
Mr Hubby helped me a lot,but still,i am 
really feeling i do not have much freedom 
when i am with a baby...>.<'''
This is actually a gift from Mr Hubby that i received
on 1st Feb this year.At that time,i am wondering is it
a Valentine's gift for me??
But,i already got another Vgift from Mr Hubby.

This is Hello Kitty instax mini 7s gift set
which consists of 
★Mini 7s
☆Hello Kitty close up and self portraits lens
★Hello Kitty film
☆Hello Kitty strap
★Free Hello Kitty pouch (which i am not very like the colour)

i am not a very profesional photographer but
because this is a product which hello kitty co-operate
with instax mini,i think i should have it.
i very like the close up and self-portrait lens actually.
As there is a kitty head shape.Aww!! Too cute to resist!

Actually i have so many stuff,girly talks to share with all my readers,
but i can't make it in 1 post only.There is just a lot! i think i will try my best
to update my blog everyday(if i can,as a mother of 3 daughters)
Till here.Bye.


Yy said...

I hope little baby J starts behaving better to make it easier for you x

♥Mrskitty Yi♥ said...

Thanks,dear for the good word! :)
Appreciate. i also hope she will behave better.

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