Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pretty Sweet & Co✿◕‿◕✿

Today i wanna story about the lovely gift 
from a California friend.
She is my facebook friend.Who said online friends aren't
reality?? Yes,we all can be best friend eventhough
we never meet before.
So,i knew earlier that she will give this pressie for me.
It is an Iphone casing.Handmade by herself.
After i chose which design i like(of course there is a hello kitty)
she took a picture of it and inbox me the picture for me 
to have a look.
One word to describe it : SUPERB
With all those MAC cosmetic charm,flower cloth,
pearl,hello kitty charm and pastel pink cream.
There is my nickname too,KITTY YI. Aww!!!
~Yummy + Girly~
Then yesterday,i received the parcel.
Already waited 10 days for it to reach me
(as it is from California),
i am actually quite excited and anxious to unpack
the parcel.

The real of the casing is now already 
in my hands,my Iphone is wearing it.
It is definitely the same like the picture 
she sent me.i strongly recommend her
to all my beloves friends if you all wish to find 
a good quality and nice handmade creamy casing.
You design it,and she will bake the phone case for you.
Any handphone models also can be made.

You can contact Bianca Tapia via
Do support her if you want to get a case for your handphone too.
She is nice and friendly,and also a responsible seller. =)
Sweet dream to all of you ♥ ♥

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Hello Kitty Forever said...

That is sooo cute!! I wanna start making those as well. They always look super adorable ^_^

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