Sunday, June 23, 2013

Shopping Day(ミ・。・ミ)

So,Saturday morning after our breakfast, we(Mr Hubby,me & 3 precious daughters) headed back to Kuantan. To visit my parents,besides that,to buy present for both my daughters for doing so well in their mid-year exam. Also not forgotten to have my shopping spree,as always!

Reached my shop in Kuantan,just got to know that Despicable Me had invaded into my gift shop..Oh,they are so funny,lolol...

Not only that,LINE Cony & Brown is here too in my shop.

This is actually coin bank.Yes,selling in my shop in Kuantan.If wanna buy them can visit my shop at Malay Town near ECM,Kuantan.

I had accidentally spotted a very sweet in pink handbag in Parkson.So,to make the story short,refer the pic below..hehe!!

Using my most persuasive eyes staring at Mr Hubby hoping he will nod his head & buy me the bag.i kept on saying how rarely handbag in sweet pink colour,and this is a chance that shouldn't be miss.Happily am i walking out of Parkson with the newly bought pink handbag Mr Hubby helped paid for!

Shopping loots from Parkson.

My loots in the pic is a few apparels and the pink handbag.Stationery sets are both daughters' and some small apparels for the youngest daughter,Justina.Jaychelle also got a newly made spectacles which is in we favourite colour,BLUE~ Mr Hubby spoiled me and daughters much.

Awe...How can you resist such a sweet handbag especially it is in this pastel pink colour??! i can't resist!! Therefore,i must buy it even after that,the few days only bread as my meal..hahaha!!

Me using the new pinky handbag! i had gain some weight..need to eat less and do more exercise now.Normally im in 48kg,i not dare to step on the weighing scale now.i think will be in 50 or 50+

Heavy haze reached Kuantan this morning.Even the little one also want a mask when she saw her sisters had it,but see how big the mask is..muahahaha!Had posted a video of the little one to my Instagram.You can have a look there at how funny she is with her 'peace' sign.Oops,almost forget,my Instagram username: mrskittyyi

Ps: You should have download this Blogpress from AppStore if you are also using idevice..It is just so so so convenient now for me to blog regardless of wherever im.Thanks to my friend, Meijoyce who recommend it to me. Therefore,you can read my post regularly now.Hehe...

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