Monday, June 24, 2013


As promised to write a hello kitty post.

Red red!! i had been searching for this Hello Kitty kitchen tissue paper roll holder for such a long time,like forever lol. Finally im lucky enough to get it from Shan,my online Singaporean friend. You may add her Facebook account: Shan HK. Selling quite a lot rare hello kitty stuff.
Cute Hello Kitty Face Stationery Holder or function as mobile phone stand.

Okay,so now all my pens,pencils,ruler & cutter have their resting place..hehe!! Oh ya..if you interested to get this stationery holder,im doing pre-order for this.Add my shop Facebook account:KittyYi SweetSweetshop for further details.

Currently waiting for our dinner at a restaurant. As always,eating with my parents-in-law! See you again!

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