Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Under construction(ミ・。・ミ)

So, this is the living room upstair in my house.
Mr Hubby suggested earlier to decorate this abandoned 
living room as my hello kitty mini world =)

And i ordered the hello kitty stripe wallpaper from China.
Moved every hello kitty from downstair to upstair.
This pic taken last month. Still a lot of work to do..
Such a mess! >.<
So,when it is fully done,will upload the pic here and share with you all.

Pic of the complete set of McDonald's Malaysia 
Happy Meal Hello Kitty Toys.
Only released 4 pieces,not like the US McDonald's
which released 6 pieces...>.<

Before school holidays finish, last weekend
we had been to KL for a shopping spree.
What i got from Daiso.
Always is hello kitty stuff~

Yesterday a parcel reached me and im super happy & excited.
All the way from Taiwan.
Let's have a look!
It is Hello Kitty Fairy Tales Stamp Set from
7-11 Taiwan this year.
My friend helped me get the complete set with the cute castle box.
Super love them especially the castle box to keep them.
Castle box is made of cardboard,fyi.
Another great collection added...=)

Also received the custom made iphone casing that i had ordered earlier.
That's the most perfect casing,in my opinion.
If you are 1 of my Instagram followers,
you will have saw it!!
Wait till i share it here with you all 
more pics of the case =)

Something about me to share..
im already boring staying at home.
So,i had decided to apply for a job.
Mr Hubby not really allow, but i think of apply first.
If i really got the job,then only tell him..haha!!
Not really care about the job salary,i just want to fill my free time
and get some experience working with other...
(Graduated almost 10 years but i never work before)
What a joke right!

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