Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hit & Run

Today had been a bad day for Mr Hubby! As usual,Mr Hubby went out to fetch both daughters back from tuition class this evening. im at home with Baby J who is taking her noon nap. The story goes like this(according to Mr Hubby), on his way back after both daughters and Mr Hubby's aunt's son also together in the car,there is a very big corner at the Mentakab to Temerloh road. This corner Already quite an amount of accident happened.

Mr Hubby was driving in the inside lane and this Proton car drove by a Malay guy overtakes him.At this big corner! He drove quite fast. The 'He' refers to the Malay guy not Mr hubby. Im gonna say,if you are not a good driver,please don't drive fast and trouble others! He turned his car and maybe he lose control or whatsoever,his car 'kiss' Mr Hubby's car which is drove slow and steady at own lane. Means this Malay guy's car was in Mr Hubby's lane. Luckily,Mr Hubby is steady enough to control the car,if not,i think really serious matter. Make the story short,Mr Hubby kept on honing him but he didn't even stop his car and tried to escape. Sped even fast now till out of Mr Hubby's sight!

Mr Hubby managed to see his car registration number. It is CCK7078 ,a new Proton Saga in silver colour with PROTON logo at the car. Believed this is a company car. Mr Hubby decided not to report as our car damage not serious,but we managed to get his address.i just mad at this kind of irresponsible people who hit & run. Can't he just stop and see how serious.WTF!! Can't he see the car loads with a few kids??!

Will just take this matter as lost some money(for repairing the car) to prevent blood incident..i believe every Chinese knows what i mean. It is better to lose some money then to have any injury..=)

So,as for me,im surely frightened just now as Mr Hubby is the most important person in my life! Therefore,nothing much to share today,i just hope people will be more responsible and don't because of afraid to pay others then you try escape. You can't escape FOREVER!

i think if a post without any pic will be bored & dull..So here's a pic to brighten up a bit today's post!

Hopefully these Hello Kitty Maneki Neko in various colours will bring luck,fortune,health & of course,money to us! Hehe...

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Xiao Xiao bei said...

Omg !!Luckily no people injured ..

♥Mrskitty Yi♥ said...

@Xiao Xiao bei: yes dear =)

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