Saturday, January 12, 2019

Last Year Hello Kitty Stuff! Part 1

This post is about the Hello Kitty stuff which I got it last year!! OMG!
Unbelievable! Now only took a bit of my time to come in here to upload the photos.

Found this Hello Kitty Rotating Rack to keep my daily skin care stuff.
Original from Sanrio Shanghai and I'm selling this too.
Told you, you won't regret getting this as really really nice & useful!

And now my dressing table is much more neater,right?

Sanrio Characters X Lock & Go Food Storage Container from 7-11 Hong Kong.

There is a few designs, but I got myself Hello Kitty & My Melody,as usual...
This was last year items, if I'm not wrong.

Line Friends X Sanrio Characters Glass Container from 7-11 Hong Kong
which released January 2018.
This one is glass,just now that one is plastic material.

Also a few designs available.

Le Creuset X Hello Kitty Food Storage from 7-11 Taiwan.
Just bought the pink one, as the price is quite nice haha!!

Why Taiwan always has such cute Hello Kitty stuff? 
Is it because there got 'market'for Hello Kitty stuff??

This Hello Kitty Soup Pot also from Taiwan.
It is from 85°C Cafe Taiwan.

Super cute right!! Especially the Kitty head as the pot lid knob.

Takara Tomy Dream Tomica Sanrio Hello Kitty Collection Set 
released year 2016.

Takara Tomy Dream Tomica Sanrio Hello Kitty Collection Set 
released year 2017.
 My Takara Tomy car figurine collections ♥
 Hello Kitty Drawer Organizer to keep my intimates ♥

 Hello Kitty X Line Friends Figures Collections complete set from Taiwan.
 I'm selling this set too. Ready stock left last 2 sets.

I realised I had the same set but they are pen figurines.

Hello Kitty 有你真好 from 7-11 Taiwan year 2018.
OMG! They are so precious so little in size but cuteness overload.
Why 7-11 Malaysia doesn't have such cute Hello Kitty???
Complete set of 4pcs.

Eyeing all these for quite some time 😬Finally they are mine!! 
All from 7-11 Hong Kong.

Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel Sweet Delight Valentine’s Day edition (2013), 
Hello Kitty “Hello Party” 40th Anniversary (2013),
Hello Kitty “Happy Fairy Tale” (2014) 
and lastly 
Valentine’s Day Edition- Hello Kitty Princess & Dear Daniel Prince figurines.

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