Monday, September 6, 2010


WowPhotobucket2 posts in a dayPhotobucket Should be early post for MondayPhotobucket.i PhotobucketPhotobucket am still not sleepy.Maybe because of i got took a nap in noon time.HubbyPhotobucket just went upstair to PhotobucketPhotobucketSuddenly,i want to jotPhotobucket down my feeling here before heading to bedPhotobucket

suet yiPhotobucketGagaPhotobucket
TakenPhotobucket in the morning.
i actually dislike Photobucket snapping in the morning.
Reason? So swellPhotobucketread: bengkakPhotobucket,my eyesPhotobucket

Currently facebook's profile piccyPhotobucketPhotobucket
Ignore the background,that's why i add mosaic effect to the backgroundPhotobucket

That's my sister.My only sisterPhotobucket
When boredom attack,
we will Photobucket snap snap snapPhotobucket

i felt so happy now.Maybe because of the 'happiness',i can't Photobucket even though
now is very late at nightPhotobucket
Having endorphin rush,i thinkPhotobucket
Even a small matter like painting my nailPhotobucket to pastel pink,
or wearing a newly bought high heelsPhotobucket
or even moneyPhotobucket fly away from me,
i felt happy & contentment surrounding mePhotobucketPhotobucket
Asking,why no piccy of hubbyPhotobucketPhotobucket
Because he dislike Photobucket snap snap
And he is a grown up,mature manPhotobucket
So,no play playPhotobucket
OopsPhotobuckethubbyPhotobucket calling me to go Photobucket
He said,"late ady".

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