Sunday, September 12, 2010

NDSL pink pink✿◕‿◕✿

Today i have something very pinkish to share with you,my cutie Photobucket
It is my new decorate NDSLPhotobucket
i am so sad at first.As i can't really decorate my PhotobucketPhotobucket with overly beads Photobucket blink blink
ReasonPhotobucket Because i am currently using Satio.
And for the part we mostly decorate,the back part,it has the camera cover which make my decoration work difficultPhotobucket
So,i had took my lovely PhotobucketPhotobucket to do new projectPhotobucket

Most satisfiedPhotobucket DIY by me,myselfPhotobucket
This time,i use mostly all white Photobucket pink beads with different sizes.
No blink blink because i think beads sweeter and more girlyPhotobucket
All are from the normally deco seal selling in shops
except the big Photobucket in kimono,the lollipopPhotobucketthe applePhotobucket,pink Photobucket
Photobucket the sweet pink ribbonPhotobucketPhotobucket
Oh,Photobucket also the white horsePhotobucket
i got all those charm from hair adornmentsPhotobucketPhotobucket

PhotobucketInside viewPhotobucketPhotobucket

i have this glitters alphabets stickerPhotobucket
i don't have any extra for sale as this alphabets stickers is long time ago stuffPhotobucket

Must put thisPhotobucket
HubbyPhotobucketPhotobucket name myPhotobucketPhotobucket namePhotobucket


So,any commentPhotobucketPhotobucket
Feel free to comment at chatbox or in this postPhotobucket

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