Saturday, September 18, 2010

leopard skin✿◕‿◕✿

i think i am addicted to everything online.
After a very hardworking day at Photobucket today,
Photobucketmeaning: almost the whole day i didn't onlinePhotobucket
as soon as i am back to my comfortable lovely home sweet home,
after bathed,immediately i sit in front the PhotobucketPhotobucket and ONLINE.
Checking facebook notifications,ePhotobucket,and also finding searching some cute novelty items
while at the same time,watchingPhotobucketPhotobucket Hong Kong drama Photobucket eating
small tomatoesPhotobucketPhotobucket
WowPhotobucketi can do so many things at the same timePhotobucket

Okay,stop all the crap.Let's start our story.
As you know,i love DIY.Especially to my PhotobucketPhotobucket
i got an idea,on how to put sticker to my PhotobucketPhotobucket i can combine both leopard skin Photobucket blink blink and also all those cutie big charmsPhotobucket

And you know right,Satio PhotobucketPhotobucket has camera cover which you need to slide open
when you wanna take piccyPhotobucket So,if want to put faux diamante deco seal to the whole PhotobucketPhotobucket it is IMPOSSIBLEPhotobucket
So,i think of sticking the PhotobucketPhotobucket with something as thin as paper,like leopard skinPhotobucket
i chose Photobucketleopard skinPhotobucket
See the abovePhotobucket piccy,my PhotobucketPhotobucket camera cover can slide open nehPhotobucketPhotobucket

While the below part,i put a PhotobucketPhotobucket sticker along with my PhotobucketPhotobuckethubby's name and also adding a cute yellowish ribbonPhotobucketPhotobucket hehePhotobucket
The reason i do not want to put my name is because
i already had a PhotobucketPhotobucket charm reading my name hanging at my PhotobucketPhotobucket

The side viewPhotobucket
i am proud of myself,
i really has the talent in doing DIYPhotobucketPhotobucket
Not i boast of myself,but you see, the leopard skin really looks exactly like the 'housing' or cover of SatioPhotobucketPhotobucket

i want to go concentrate on thePhotobucketPhotobucket Hong Kong dramaPhotobucket

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