Friday, September 24, 2010

wireless mouse✿◕‿◕✿

Hello,all my sweetiesPhotobucketAfter such a long break from showing my traces here,
finally i am here updates my blog.
And also after such a long time no PhotobucketPhotobucket stuff shown here,
finally i got lotsa PhotobucketPhotobucket stuff from my recently shoppingPhotobucketspree.
HubbyPhotobucketPhotobucket knew i suffered so much from rashes all over my body,
unhappyPhotobucket ,moody and no moodPhotobucket!
So,wanna make me happy back,PhotobucketPhotobucket brought me to Lazo Diamond
Photobucket bought me a ringPhotobucketwOwOwOwOPhotobucketPhotobucket
And also have a wonderful shoppingPhotobucketspree at the suppliers'

This is the one i request the supplier to let me brought back.
PhotobucketPhotobucket wireless optical mouse
WirelessPhotobucketMeans without the wire,rightPhotobucket
YupPhotobucket Yeay,finally i got it.

Battery-operated and using bluetooth function to operate.
Not quite big,suitable with my small small hands,hehe
Therefore now,no hassle with all that wires.
USB hub,cooler fans all got wires.
i hate wires!
But,unluckily,it is red & white
not in pink & white...
Anyway,still can accept it.
Ok,i gotta go.Wanna try Photobucketand also take somePhotobucket new clothes arrival in my boutique.

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