Sunday, September 26, 2010


HmmPhotobuckethave you ever heard baby mocmocPhotobucketPhotobucket
She is a new dolly,with big curly 'boom like' hairstyle.
i like herPhotobucket i even had her as my PhotobucketPhotobuckettheme.
Photobucket i have other interest too instead of PhotobucketPhotobucket
Anything that is oh-so-cutePhotobucket will surely grab my attentionPhotobucket
So,today i wanna introduce baby mocmoc to you.

PhotobucketIsn't she cutePhotobucketHehePhotobucket
With tiny little red dress.
She got her own website too, Photobucketwww.babymocmoc.cnPhotobucket
Okay,this is a too close shot,so maybe you can't admire clearly.

This will be a better piccyPhotobucket
Taken yesterday at home when i was watching PhotobucketPhotobucket,wearing pyjamasPhotobucketPhotobucket
PhotobucketIgnore my blue cartoonish pyjamasPhotobucketPhotobucket
i like her big curly 'boom like' hairstyle.
That's why my is using her as PhotobucketPhotobuckettheme.But i didn't expect
there is plushie of her.
Oh-so-adorable,i can sayPhotobucket
If tomorrow i have a bit of time,i will come here again to
share about my PhotobucketPhotobucket stuffPhotobucket
Because now i wanna go switch off the stove.i had made some herbal soupsPhotobucket
for myself because i am feeling unwell these few days.
My mum-in-law said my 'interior' body is too hot,therefore,there is
rashes all over my body.
Therefore again,i can't eat any food that is 'hot' like PhotobucketPhotobucket
Better consume 'cooling' food like PhotobucketPhotobucket

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