Sunday, September 5, 2010

mini stapler✿◕‿◕✿

RayaPhotobucketread: Malay new yearPhotobucket is coming soon.As a Photobucket's owner,i am super busy.Working from as early as 10am in the morning till 11pm night.Reaching the eve of Raya,we will work till 12am.ScaryPhotobucket in the thought of long working hours.
Yesterday was quite a busy day too.Normally customers will be a lot on weekend like Saturday.Today is slowing down.Therefore,i had the time to drop by here.So,how is my new backgroundPhotobucketPhotobucketAnd also the changed of left right column to both right side.Blog post will be in plain pastel pink.So,you won't dizzy anymore during your reading time herePhotobucket
Hey,this time i made it myselfPhotobucketPhotobucketWithout my sis's help.She is kind of busy,ignoring my every speechPhotobucket

PhotobucketPhotobucketdie-cut mini staplerPhotobucket
Don't ask again,i didn't sell this.
i bought it at ebay.Very cheap.About Rm 20 something.
For me,the price is still Photobucket including postage fee from another country to my shop.

PhotobucketSide shot Photobucket
The appearance of the Photobucket stapler is rather weird,ifPhotobucket
IF compare to the normal dull boring stapler.

But,i likePhotobucket it so muchie.
Special,one of a kind.
At first,i thought it is very mini.i mean,incredibly small size.
When it arrived,not like what i had expected.
Quite normal size.
HmmPhotobucketas i have 2 Photobucket stapler,PhotobucketPhotobucket i am going to use this.
Photobucket i want to do some manicurePhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketpedicurePhotobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket

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