Friday, September 10, 2010


Hello,all my lovely cutiePhotobucketpiesPhotobucketYesterday,OT till 12am in the morning.Just wake up at 1pm something,and have 2 in 1 breakfast + lunchPhotobucketYUMMYPhotobucketPhotobucket But,unfortunately,i need to workPhotobucket on a holiday which mostly normally people holidayPhotobucketBut,never mindPhotobucketi can still sitting in front my laptop,updating my new post todayPhotobucketBut again,don't come see my face nowPhotobucketi have eyes like PhotobucketpandaPhotobucketPhotobucket Arrghhh...These last few days' effect.i need to buy some good eye creamPhotobucketPhotobucket to disappear my PhotobucketPhotobucket eyesPhotobucket

Something to ask todayPhotobucketActually in my cutie blog here,can you see my cursor is a Photobucket riding on an elephantPhotobucketPhotobucketAs 1 of my friend say she can't see the Photobucket cursorPhotobucket But i can see itPhotobucket

Photobucket then,there is this new things i learnt todayPhotobucketXiao beiPhotobucketPhotobucket taught mePhotobucketCan you see the Photobucketriding on an Photobucket cursor there,also got written kiTTysuetyiPhotobucketPhotobucket Wherever the cursor gone,the words follow itPhotobucketYou can blogwalking to her blog by clicking Photobucket
Whoever interested,wanna make the letter cursor,you can PhotobucketPhotobucket me at facebookPhotobucketEasier to give instruction therePhotobucket

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