Monday, September 27, 2010


A bit of the new stocks arrived my Photobucket and
we were busy unpacking them these few days.
i am quite anxious and happyPhotobucketPhotobucket when unpacking all the stocks.
Some are of course,PhotobucketPhotobucket stuff,
which i will be so excited when seeing them.
Especially this,Photobucket

PhotobucketPhotobucketelectronic digital bathroom scalePhotobucket
But,where the digital display numberPhotobucketPhotobucket
A-HAPhotobucket it can be hidden.
When you wanna use it to check your body mass,
then only you pull it out.

After that,it will came out 0.0 and then only you
step up on it.Yes,you are right! On itPhotobucket
It will not brokenPhotobucket
So,if you want this cute PhotobucketPhotobucket electronic digital bathroom scale,
do drop by my Photobucket ,bubbles or you can also purchase online
via PhotobucketPhotobucket inPhotobucket
But,not so fast,dear!
As i haven't upload to my PhotobucketPhotobucket yetPhotobucket
Busy unpacking new arrivals and also at the same time Photobucketging herePhotobucket
Be fast as this is limited stockPhotobucket
i got mine firstPhotobucketPhotobucket

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