Friday, August 19, 2016

Melaka Day Trip~14.8.16

So diligent in updating my blog these days.
Office no more hectic day,so I blog to spend my time.
If not, how to not doing anything till 6pm,off work??!

Last Sunday,I went to Melaka with my colleagues.
Only me,without Mr Hubby & daughters.
It was just a day trip,to enjoy Melaka good food.
And to shop for cheap local stuff from Jonker Street.

We went to Pantai Klebang, and also the so-called 'desert' near 
Pantai Klebang. Not really look like desert in real,
or maybe we didn't go in deeply as we were lazy to walk,hehe
and also super sunny that day.

Realised there is a new statue writing i LOVE MELAKA
in front of Christ Church Melaka. Last time went 
to Melaka with my family, didn't have this yet.
I,who like photography,surely ask my colleague
to help me take photos of me. Coincidently,she didn't like
taking photos,therefore perfect to go out with me haha!!

We tried the famous Klebang coconut shake.
A lot of people there,but just waited around 15 minutes,
we got our drink. 

We also went to Nadeje Cake Shop to try their famous cake.
Ordered 4 pieces and shared to eat.

After that,we went to Jonker Street for some shopping & buying local 
food,souvenirs for friends & relatives. Only for a while at Jonker Street
as we all couldn't bear with the sunny sun. We then went to Mahkota Parade 
and Pahlawan Mall. I suggested going there because I need to 
restocked my face daily vitamin :P
My face cleanser finishing soon that I need to cut open it to use it.
As you all know,my living area doesn't have SK-II outlet :(

Also bought a new gladiator type sandal for myself at Vincci.

Then,we went to 'Famous La La & Si Ham', food stall at the back lane.
In my opinion, still clean as I didn't see any cockroach or mice.
My colleagues all very likes to eat La La(Veneridae) &
Si Ham(Cockles). If the translation to English is wrong,
please correct me :) I googled for the name in English.

I dislike eating both of the food I mentioned. 
Veneridae still fine for me if it is fried. 
But I didn't eat any that day because 
it wasn't fried....yuckss!!

So,I just video-cam them,eating so enjoyable.
Here's a we-fie of me and 1 of my colleague.
If you do noticed,she is always standing beside me
in photos. She is my BFF at work. Hehe..
Same age with me.

Nice food. I only ate the popiah, tauhu rojak & sotong kangkung.
It was really a trip all about food,good food.
We went to Machap Walk,
walk walk,see see & eat eat haha!! 

Ok, arrived home 12.30pm and after bathed,
around 1am only off to bed. 
Tomorrow still need to go to work :( 
This Monday,really Monday super damn blue!
No more a day trip like this,a bit tired
even not driving. 

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