Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Happy Meal McDonald's Malaysia

Last week just finished released 
the Sanrio characters Happy Meal toy.
4 in a set,released in 4 weeks time.

The first one is Hello Kitty Folding Comb
which I already got it from McDonald's BKK.

Thailand McD released this earlier.

The 2nd is Pompompurin Container
with a sheet of stickers.

Not a Pompompurin fans but really cute! 
And I think I shouldn't miss out this if I wanna collect others.
To complete a set.

3rd runner-up:
Little Twin Star/Kiki Lala Toothbrush Holders.

Among these 4 Happy Meal toys,
I like this the most. At first,I thought it is those toohbrush holder that
we suck at the wall. No,it is for travelling use to cover your toothbrush.
Anyway,it is damn cute!

Last but not least, My Melody Photo Frame.
Quite mini size,I think fit 3R size photo.

Finally,no more McD fast food. Not a fast food lover,
so I'm happy finally no need eat McD food anymore after this.

Last weekend went grocery shopping and bought
potato chips as it had been a long long time I didn't consume 
any potato chips. After eat it,diarrhea the very next day :(
I think my body has reached a level that it can't accept junk food.
So, I think healthy food will be my 'junk food' now...haha!!

End today post with my little girl cute posing with her
new school bag. It is like abs luggage type school bag.

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