Saturday, August 20, 2016


After holidays & packed schedule every weekend,
is time back to jogging. 
Had been jogging once and rest 2 days, so must
force ourselves to jog at least 2 days once.
I jog with Mr Hubby everyday after work.
Main reason: to burn fat so I won't fat :)
Yes, I'm afraid I will be fat as not young anymore,
metabolism rate slower,so will fat easily.

And I still juicing. Thanks GOD that I'm still
using my juice machine. Mr Hubby said I will only
use it for a few months and then it will get dusty,
none will care about the juice machine.

I think my body has reached a level that it can't accept junk food.
Yesterday bought potato chips when we are buying grocery at nearby supermarket,
ate the potato chips after long time didn't consume any, and this morning, diarrhea 😷😢
So...I think healthy food should be my 'junk food' 😂😂 ‪#‎toohealthyisaproblem‬

Kiwi and dragon fruit. Both very healthy food.
And they are so yummy!!

Something to share with you all.

Me from 2007 till 2016.
I think last time my style very outdated,haha!!
Friends said the I look younger now,is that possible?
Haha :P Age getting old but looking younger.
Is it because of the style?

Anyway, just share with you. 
Gotta go bath, and have dinner.
Happy weekend ❤️

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